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Dermaquest are committed to using ingredients of the highest quality and the most advanced technologies providing an exceptional range of professional skincare products. Their extensive range enables us to easily identify the products and treatments your skin is craving, with one focus in mind – results!

Whether it’s the high-quality Vitamin C and A or the amazing Peptides and Stem.

In a world where we now live longer and face more environmental challenges than ever before it is vital to protect your skin against the many signs of ageing, sun damage, sensitivity, breakouts and other harmful factors. DermaQuest has responded to these needs creating a range that is protective and healing.

DermaQuest’s treatments have been designed to provide a tailored approach to your skincare needs, working to achieve a cell turnover that will successfully combat your specific concerns. Our expert practitioners can provide advice regarding the most effective products and treatments to nourish, strengthen and protect your skin, leaving you with a complexion that is healthy and revitalised.

A full consultation will be carried out before treatments commence. Please be advised some treatments require skin to be prepped at home before treatments can commence. Your skin care specialist will advise you on this during consultation.



course x 6



sweet collection



lift / chill / radiance / retinol infusion




salicylic acid / power peptide / glycolic acid / primary pumpkin / mangobrite

chemical peels



tca peel / modified jessner peel / skin bright peel / salicylic peel


Lyndsey is now a good friend but 15 years ago she literally changed my life. I had struggled with acne and then acne scarring since my teens. I tried many treatments and although Roaccutane worked in the main I was left with damaged skin and persistent flare ups. I had no idea how to improve my skin quality and then maintain it spot free. I was also very down about myself and my inability to control my skin. Lyndsey completely changed my products, routines and makeup choices. She introduced a balanced choice of treatments from peels to now Opera and continues to do so. With her kind and non-judgemental approach I felt able to expose myself and my skin and trust her implicitly. Lyndsey is up to date and very experienced in the right treatments and will always try and help someone access that with fair and competitive pricing. I have maintained great skin, always with her advice, treatments and product selection for years now. There is no one else I trust.

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